Our Impact

Our impact on the schools we support will be assessed in five key areas. Taken together, these areas will comprise a balanced scorecard outlining the ABC’s of whole-school improvement:

  1. Achievement(academic achievement, learning support programs, etc.)
  2. Balance (multiple measures of student assessment, alignment between practices and policies, etc.)
  3. Climate(physical and social/emotional safety, clarity of adult roles and expectations, etc.)
  4. Democratic Practices (co-created school and/or classroom norms, opportunities for students to take public action, etc.)
  5. Equity (clear and effective nondiscrimination policies, teacher preparedness to address different learning styles, etc.)

Beyond these measures of impact, leaders who adopt and live by this “way of seeing” in their school communities can also expect to see the following:

  • students gaining the skills and self-confidence they need to fulfill their potential and become active learners and visible citizens throughout their lives,
  • teachers working collaboratively to identify root causes hindering student growth and intentionally improve both their work and the work of their students,
  • administrators developing the capacity to create school-wide governance structures that involve more people in the planning, decision-making and evaluation processes,
  • parents feeling empowered to play an active role in supporting and shaping the school’s mission, and
  • all people involved with schools understanding the importance of not just their individual rights, but also their civic responsibility to guard the rights of others – especially those with whom they most deeply disagree.